Sunday, April 29, 2007


This week's theme: Rare

My first instinct was to be cute about this theme and go with my own wacky sense of humor:

Now that's a rare steak! Actually, I wanted to take a picture of a cow, but I never had my camera ready when we drove past one this past week. Oh well. Here's my serious take on this theme:

This is a 1960 Chevy Apache. Our karate instructor owns it right now, but as you can tell from the sign in the window, he has decided it's time to sell. It is most definitely a thing of beauty. And, while I'm not a car buff, I'm pretty sure you don't see these every day. So it qualifies as rare, right?

Check out more rare finds here. And if you have a chance, drop by and leave some well-wishes for TNChick - she's having some pretty freaky health issues right now and could definitely use your prayers, best wishes, positive energy waves, or whatever other good vibes you could send her way.


meeyauw said...

That would've been so hilarious to have a cow! Now I don't know trucks and don't even pay attention to trucks, but I like that one. The front things are neat on it, and it is distinctive and unlike any other truck.

High Strangeness Altoona said...

Love the Apache - it is rare! Great photo - here's my photo hunt post.