Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween Party

I love seeing Sensei-Hubby in situations that bring out the potential daddy in him. Dojo Halloween party was tonight. All the kids were running wild, chasing each other with their pirate swords and such. Mir didn't want to play with the other kids. She wanted to play with Sensei-Hubby. So he taught her how to play checkers. He's gonna be an awesome daddy someday.

By the by, here's my costume from tonight:

Check it out! My dream career - barefoot and pregnant! Believe it or not, I actually had 2 people at the party convinced I was really preggers. Which is hilarious since I was at the dojo in my gi just last night and very obviously NOT pregnant.

view from my window

This is the tree in our front yard, as seen from our living room window at 7 am. Today was the first day in nearly a week that the playground was dry enough to take the kids outside, so that's where we spent the majority of the afternoon. Yay for sunshine!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

lazy Sunday

This is Celeste. Her favorite naptime spot is the computer monitor. It's been a pajama day in this house today. We're making good use of that hour we gained last night by catching up on lost sleep. Yes, I know, you can never really "catch up" on sleep. Don't bring me down, man.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

a man may work from sun to sun...

but a woman's work is never done!

I'm currently on laundry load #5 for the day. I really need to get back to my FlyLady babystepping.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Trick or Treat

I can't pick just one photo for today, so I'm going to cheat and pick 2.

My class had their Halloween party this afternoon (always plan parties with preschoolers on Fridays, regardless of the day on which the occasion actually falls). So I was smart with my lesson plan. I knew they'd be too hyped up about the party to concentrate on letters or numbers, so we painted jack-o-lanterns. I gave them little muffin cups with orange paint and Q-tips to use as paint brushes. They did so good! As they finished, I sent them to the bathroom to wash the paint off their fingers. Austin had worked so meticulously with his little Q-tip that he hadn't got a speck of paint on him - which, at 4 years old is a miracle on the same level as the immaculate conception!

As I said, today was our Halloween party, complete with costumes. As this is a photo blog, I won't post the whole long drawn out ordeal here (but if you really want to know, go here). Suffice it to say that there was much chaos before this seemingly calm scene was photographed. And since it has rained for 2 days straight, there was nowhere to go for the kids to run off all this sugar. But they were pretty good, and the parents that came took their kids with them when they left, so the rest of the day was fairly decent.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

everybody was kung fu fighting!

Since our dojo started offering adult classes during the same time as the kids' classes, I haven't been able to sit and watch Sensei-Hubby do his thing very often. Tonight I had to run an errand so I was too late to join the adult class, so me and my camera phone took advantage of the photo op. Sensei-Hubby is the one in the black and blue (alternate description: the adult). Look at that gorgeous roundhouse kick! The kid in the red gi just got his black belt a couple of months ago. He's 10, I think.

I love watching Sensei-Hubby teach the kids. He's so good at it. One of these days he's gonna make a kick-butt daddy.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

another long day

I chose this picture for today not because it represents my day so much as it does my reaction to my day. It has been cloudy and cold and yucky all day today. Not necessarily a bad day, just blah. I am exhausted, and as soon as I have fixed supper (or decided that tonight is fast food night) I am planting myself on the couch with my FHU throw and the TiVo remote and fully intend to stay there until my husband wakes me up and puts me to bed.


Today was one of those days - I needed to pamper myself a bit. I'm afraid I'm coming down with whatever the latest bug going around the preschool is, so it was time to break out the cold and sinus therapy bath salts. Mmm...eucalyptus-y. I fell asleep in the tub lol!

Monday, October 23, 2006


I made spiders with my class today in preparation for Halloween. Really simple craft - just paper plates, pipe cleaners, and googly eyes. The kids loved it.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Fall Is Here!

I absolutely adore this time of year - it's impossible to be in a bad mood with all these bright colors smiling all around you!