Sunday, February 11, 2007


Monday, February 12, 2007
Sorry I didn't explain this picture when I posted it. I had to relinquish the computer for the greater good of several strangers' WoW characters. Blah.
This is a picture of the carpet under the door to our spare room. Well, it's not really a "spare" room. It's Neko's room. Yes, one of our cats has his own room. But there's good reason for that - our cats hate each other. More accurately, Celeste despises Neko, and Neko is too dumb to realize it. Anyway, this is photographic evidence of how much damage Neko did trying to dig his way out of his room before he was de-clawed. Think we'll be able to get the security deposit back when we move?

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TNChick said...

What is that? Some material/carpet or something similar? it's certainly broken!